About us

We are two professional musicians – accordionists. Our names are Adam Dufek and Stanislav Samuel Raška. In the year 2020 we founded a small manufacture of “heligonkas” in Prague. “Heligonka” is a traditional Czech diatonic accordion with deep bass sound. In our production, we continue the art of the old artisans and we use traditional techniques such as bovine glue, new silver components, copper inlays and natural varnishes. You can check out our diatonic accordions here or listen to them on our Youtube channel.

If you are interested in playing some music on this beautiful traditional instrument of “heligonka”, you can check out our sheet music section.

All our diatonic accordions are handmade using local woods and materials. We pay special attention to every detail throughout the manufacturing process and we make instruments which are specifically suited to the customers wishes. What is your “heligonka” going to look like?